Discography as Leader

Induction-Christopher Hoffman & Sad Companion 2011 HPR

Iosono-Christopher Hoffman 2007 Fever Pitch

Aberration Quartet 2005 Fever Pitch

Selected Discography as Sideman

Henry Threadgill Double Up-Old Locks & Irregular Verbs Pi 2016

Pale Horse-Badlands 5049 Records 2016

LabTrio Featuring Michael Attias & Christopher Hoffman-The Howls Are Not What They Seem Outnote Records 2016

Henry Threadgill & Zooid-In For A Penny, In For A Pound Pi 2015

Anthony Coleman-You-New World Records 2015

Tony Malaby-TubaCello Clean Feed 2014

Juan Pablo Carletti- El brujo y el nino 2014 NoBuisness

Black Box-Olivier & Clare Manchon 2014

30 Rock-Jeff Richmond 2013

Jeremiah Cymerman-Pale Horse 5049 Records 2014

Earl MacDonald-Mirror Of The Mind Death Defying Records 2013

Matt Holman's Diversion Ensemble-When Flooded BJU Records 2013 

Henry Threadgill's Zooid-Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry Spp 2012 Pi

Adam Sorensen-Midwest 2012 City Creek Records

Jeremiah Cymerman-Fire Sign 2011 Tzadik 

Ian Hoffman-Dome Swan 2011 HPR

Olivier Manchon-Orchestre de Chambre Miniature, Volume 1  2010 ObliqSound

Jeremiah Cymerman-Under A Blue Grey Sky 2010 Porter Records

Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part 1)-Iron & Wine 2011 Atlantic

The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan-Rob Burger 2010

Matt Welch-Luminosity 2009 Porter Records

Bebel Gilberto-All In One 2009 Verve

Umphrey's McGee-Mantis 2009 SCI Fidelity

Willie Nile-House Of A Thousand Guitars 2009 River House

John Shannon-American Mystic 2008 ObliqSound

Dar Williams-Born To The Breed A Tribute To Judy Collins 2008 Wildflower

Haale-No Ceiling 2008

In A Dream-Kelli Scarr HBO 2008

The Pacific and Eddy-Kelli Scarr 2008 Triple Down Records

Ryan Scott-Smoke & Licorice Velour 2007

Agnus & Julia Stone-A Book Like This 2007 EMI

Clare & The Reasons-The Movie 2007 Frog Stand

Frank LoCrasto-When You're There 2007 MaxJazz

Manuel Valera-Melancolia 2007 Mavo Records

Safety In Numbers-Umphrey's McGee 2006 SCI Fidelity

Harel Shachal & Anistar-Esh 2005 Common Gene Records

Scott Rosenberg-Creative Orchestra 2003 Anthology of Recorded Music


The Driver-Michael Pitt 2015

Pagoda Rebirth-2013

Shutter Island-Christopher Hoffman 2010

Producer, Mixing & Mastering

Andrew Drury-The Drum 2014 (mst)

Andrew Drury-Content Provider 2014 (mst)

Ross Gallagher-Utopian Dreams/Dystopian Visions 2014 (rec)

Tony Malaby-TubaCello Clean Feed 2014 (mix)

Peter Schlamb-Tinks 2014 (mst)

Ryan Scott-Demonstration Record HPR 2014 (mst)

Ryan Anselmi-Look Out Road HPR 2014 (pro/rec/mix/mst)

Juan Pablo Carletti-El Brujo y el nino No Buisness 2014 (mx)

Jeremiah Cymerman-World Of Objects 5049 2014 (rec)

Jeremiah Cymerman-Real ScarsMnoad 2014(rec)

Mean Little Blanket-Blast Off 2014 TBA(mst)

Lazy Talkers-Lazy Talkers 2013(pro/rec/mx)

Ari Chersky-Scenes From The Zephyr 2012 HPR(mst)

A Locomotive-2011 William Gross(mx/pro/mst)

Black Hat Quartet-little BIG 2010(mx/mst)

Mean Little Blanket-Hammers 2010 MLB(mst)

Old Friends-Bill Kirchner Jazz Heads 2011(rec)

Randy Newman-Princess & The Frog Walt Disney Records 2009(rec)

Christina Courtin 2009 Nonesuch(rec)

Jason Kruk-Leaving Saturn 2009 JKRecords(mx/mst)

Andrew Drury-My Fingers Will Be Your Tears 2009 Cadence(mx/mst)

Needers & Givers-The Other 2009 Loose Tooth Records(pro/mx)

Jeremiah Cymerman-In Memory Of The Labyrinth System 2008 Tzadik(mx)

Various Artists-Universidad Navidena 2006 EMI(rec/mx)

Armen Donelian-All Or Nothing At All 2006 Sunnyside Records(rec/mix)