MULTIFARIAM (11/11 Release!)

MULTIFARIAM (11/11 Release!)


With influences from John Carpenter to Miles Davis to MF Doom this record has a little something for everyone’s soundtrack.

With Christopher on cello, bass, synths and production, he is joined by Tony Malaby, Christina Courtin, Aaron Kruziki, Michael Pitt, Frank LoCrasto, Jeremiah Cymerman, Ari Chersky, Craig Weinrib & Gerald Cleaver

Purchasing the record here gets you the bonus Trio record “Arrow Of Light” Featuring Adam Hopkins & Craig Weinrib

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  1. Don’t Look Back

  2. Like That

  3. Obsecrate

  4. The Lower Chambers

  5. The Upper Chambers

  6. Quieting

  7. A Ghost

  8. Banishment

  9. Find Your Frequency

  10. Cerebration

  11. Frontier Surgeon

  12. While You Slept

  13. In A Reflecting Pool

  14. Hovering

  15. Tracking

  16. In Higher Frequencies